About My Art

All of these designs began their life as ideas that bubbled up in my mind and inspired me to bring them to life on paper. Sometimes the seed of an idea sprouts in the middle of the night or while I am away from home on a train, in the garden, diving in the ocean, etc. I find any piece of scrap paper and writing implement I can and capture that seed idea before it 's gone. From these rough sketckings I begin to coax out the ideas and breathe life into them. Some don't make it and end up in the idea folder. Others grow to take on life and lead to even more ideas like branches on a tree.

Once I have a good composition and sketches, I prepare the surface of the paper , canvas, etc. to be used for the final design. This oftentimes entails detailed and painstakingly precise geometric grid patterns. The tools involved are compasses, protractors and rulers. Mathematical formulas are implemented and frequelently need to be created specifically for the design in question. Wheather it's a grid or some other framework, the design is now fleshed out over the course of weeks (sometimes months) Most of my designs required 100-200 hours from start to finish actual work time.

I have a fascination with geometry and nature. I try to create optical illusions in my works and some happen on their own during the creation of the design, particularly the pen & ink drawings. I find that pen & india ink is a perfect media for expressing my visions of mandala like geometric patterns. The contrast of black on white attempts to capture the viewer's attention and mesmerize. Staring at any of the pen & ink drawings, one will start to see shapes and patterns ,not noticed at first, popping out of the page and receeding again.

For breathing life into my three dimensional ideas, I choose pencil/charcoal on paper. I find the shading capabilities really make the shapes pop out. I enjoy working with pencil and love the finished result of my labors. Pencil drawings ,sadly, have a stigma attached to them. They are commonly seen as mere sketches, practice before an artwork is created. I feel pencil and charcoal can be a media to create great works of art in and of itself. The shades of grey, the black blacks, the look on paper, all benefits of pencil as a finished media.With the pencil drawings I attempt to bring polyhedra to life. Pyramids, cubes, octahedraons,icosahedrons,dodecahedrons,cones ,spheres and all of their siblings and offspring are my models.

This is a sampling of my works. Others wait to be displayed, and still others wait to be created. I hope you enjoy the designs I have brought here. Rob J Chaunce

About The Prints

All of the prints (except where noted) are museum quality, limited edition, signed Giclee prints. The original artwork is digitized by using a high resolution art scanner. Larger pieces are first photographed with large format film cameras. The large format negative is then run through the high resolution scanner. After the image has been edited for color management, etc. and proof run satisfactorily, It is printed on a large format Giclee printer using archival inks and paper for a museum quality print edition.

The Art Of Robert J Chaunce